12-Gauge rifle + Discharge horn

88™ 6-Shot Security
Shotgun caliber 12 - 6 knockss. Black synthétic butt.
Also allows the shooting of teargas grenades of caliber 56mm, equiped with a cork delay of 2,5s. The propulsion of grenade is realized by a propellent cartridge caliber 12 (SAPL)

Tromblon lance-grenades de calibre 56mm- TLG/SAPL
Le TLG/SAPL settles by simple tie, on the artillery of various calibers(12, 16, 7.5, 7.62, 7.65,…). Used within the framework of the maintenance of law and order, he allows the shooting of teargas grenades of caliber 56mm two distances : approximately 50 or 100 meters, by simple sliding of the ring of distance (proceeded SAPL). Another originality of this TLG lives in the fact that, even by remaining fixed to the cannon, the shooting of cartridges with various projectiles is authorized. These two originalities of conception confer him an exceptional operational power.

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